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We are looking for people with ordinary skills and extraordinary hearts. From artists to entrepreneurs, music therapists to marine biologists, we have opportunities for you to use your skills and experience in creative ways.

Our options for going long-term:

→ Start a new team

→ Join an existing team



Are you considering the idea of overseas ministry? Our short-term trips are designed to help you explore this as you visit a long-term team on the field. A short-term trip is a great opportunity if you want to:

– Create space to pray about what God is leading you into

– Meet, bless and learn from long-term workers

– Engage with locals and pray for unreached peoples

– Be inspired for what may lie ahead

– Put your skills to use

Our options for short-term trips:

→ Individual, tailor-made placement (2 weeks – 2 years)

→ Group trip (1 – 3 weeks)

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