The Praying That Helps

12 mai 2017 | 0 kommentarer

Thomas walked along the oil-stained street, passing welders, metal shops, and dozens of trucks in various states of repair. The neighborhood was a bit rough around the edges, but Thomas knew its people well. He stopped and greeted several hard-working Muslim men who had welcomed him into their community.

Thomas, a Frontiers worker, rented a small shop in the neighborhood where he and a local employee produced low-cost water purification systems. Demand for their product was growing, and they worked hard to keep up.

But interruptions were common. In relational cultures like this one, work always paused when a visitor stopped by.

So, when Jabril, an elder in the community, stopped in, Thomas immediately offered him a chair and started brewing tea on a little gas burner. Meanwhile, Jabril complained about the well outside where the men washed before going to the mosque for prayer.

«That pump is so difficult to use,» Jabril said. «My old arms and shoulders hurt so much from it.»

He turned his gaze expectantly at Thomas. Silently, Thomas stared back, feeling puzzled.

«So,» Jabril continued, «are you a mullah or what?! Do the praying that will help!»

Of course, Thomas wasn’t a mullah–a religious leader who leads prayer and teaches from the Qur’an. He wasn’t even a Muslim, and all the men in the neighborhood knew it. Nearly every day, they’d ask him if he were ready to change and become a Muslim. Thomas would reply by sharing about his joy in following Christ. Often, he’d also offer to pray for them in Jesus’ name. For this reason, Thomas was known as a man who had access to the One who can heal.

Thomas stifled a chuckle at Jabril’s brazenness and put his hands on the old man’s shoulders.

«Lord Jesus, please heal my friend’s arms and shoulders,» Thomas prayed.

Jabril nodded and added, «Amen.» Then he settled back into his chair and asked, «How’s that tea coming along?»

  • Join us in praying that Jabril would know Jesus Christ as Healer and Savior.
  • Ask God to draw Muslim men to Jesus Christ as field workers like Thomas pray for them and share God’s Word with them.
  • Pray for field workers who run businesses in the Muslim world. Ask the Lord to give them success and to help them bless local communities.

This account comes from a long-term worker. Names and places have been changed for security.